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lounge vibes.
live music.
social ambiance.


Open every Tuesday to Thursday,  AfterLight is the city's most vibrant ambiance to unwind after work with our Live DJs, Mixology & cozy atmosphere.

lumières de la ville

Immerse Yourself in Unforgettable Nights

Discover an immersive lounge and listening experience where you can unwind, connect with friends, and groove to the beats of top DJs in a vibrant atmosphere.

Cocktail Artistry & Natural Wine Delights

Immerse yourself in a world of mixology mastery, where our skilled bartenders create handcrafted cocktails and offer a curated selection of natural wines for a truly elevated experience.

Where Music Lovers Unite

Immerse yourself in a carefully curated music selection by some of the Canadian Capital's most prominent DJs, embracing a diverse range of genres that cater to every musical preference.

Downtown Ambiance Await You

Join us in the heart of the city for an unforgettable evening. With our neighborly atmosphere, evening hours, and prime downtown location, we're the ideal destination.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Here you can easily book a table for your group of friends. Simply fill out the form with your details.

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A different city.

Hidden in an Ottawa heritage building, Afterlight is a lounge & listening bar curated by some of the Canadian Capital's most prominent Djs. Open in the evenings with a variety of cocktails, natural wines, and snacks, a neighbourly place, and an ideal destination for downtowners after sunset. 


Make your event unforgettable!
Ottawa's premier event venue for your private night or corporate event. 

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